Meet the 2020 Team


Payton Comazzetto

Founder & Event Coordinator





Jillian Hayes

Social Media Support

I’m so excited for this run and the cause that it supports! I’ve decided to volunteer because this is such a beautiful event that brings people together (even virtually) for such an amazing cause. I can’t wait to see how everyone comes together and connects in this new season. Plus, Payton gives me free chai tea lattes, and I’m loving it!


Brett Nagy


I’ve decided to contribute my time to BUSR, mainly in support of my girlfriend, Payton, but also in support of the community that we both love.  It’s a great event that I am excited to be a part of for the second time this year, although I have followed the event from afar (Prince George and Victoria respectively) since its inception.  I am excited to see first-hand the effect that this run has on the community, and I am passionately hoping that volunteers are eligible to win prizes at the event, because from what I’ve seen so far, there is going to be some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs on race day.